Thursday 27 March 2014

Eggless Chocolate Cake

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 4 Day : 3
Theme : Kids Delight - Chocolate
Course : Desserts

Eggless Chocolate Cake in just 5 minutes time sounds awesome and mouthwatering too. Today we are going to make a quick Chocolate Cake in microwave which is quick and sinfully chocolaty. I wanted to bake this cake since i ever first had in 2011 at my friends place. While browsing for choco chip recipes I came across this recipe and it sounded very similar.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

Chocolate Phirni

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 4 Day : 2
Theme : Kids Delight - Chocolate
Course : Desserts

Chocolate Phirni is very delicious twist to pour popular Phirni which is a popular North Indian and Middle Eastern milk pudding made with rice. This delicious dessert is traditionally served in  clay bowls and can be eaten hot or cold.

Monday 24 March 2014

EgglessChocolate Nankhattai

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 4 Day : 1
Theme : Chocolate
Course : Breakfast / Snacks

Eggless Chocolate Nankhattai are rich, buttery, highly indulging and sinfully chocolatty nankhattai aka Cookies with delicate flavour of rich cocoa and chocolate chips.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Beetroot Shorba

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 3 Day : 2
Theme : Soups and Salads
Course : Starters & Appetizers 

My last dish for the Theme Soups and Salads is very hearty and healthy soup Beetroot Shorba aka Soup. This soup so yummy that even those who don't like the taste of beetroot shall enjoy and would ask for more, it is good way to feed your kids as they would relish this vibrant deep pink coloured soup without knowing that it is made from Beetroot.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Salat Aravi - Simple Arab Salad

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 3 Day : 2
Theme : Soups and Salads
Course : Starters & Appetizers

This salad recipe is very simple yet a prominent part of Middle Eastern Cuisine, is served with rice dish such as Mujadarah (Lentil Rice dish), Kabbsa or Kabseh ( Whole Spice infused Basmati rice), Machboos or Maqluba (Rice and Chicken). It is often served as a part of Mezze - selection of small dishes which are used as spreads.

Monday 17 March 2014

Vietnamese Green Mango Salad - Goi Xoai Xanh

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 3 Day : 1
Theme : Soups and Salads
Course : Starters

I watch a lot of travel and food shows, one such programme was about Luke Nguyen Star chef of Sydney who is pro in Vietnamese cuisine and his journey to Mekong river - Vietnam showed many classic recipes from the local area and one such was Raw Mango Salad. 

Greens mangoes are in season, also everyone loves mangoes and in my family i was the real lover of raw mango. My mom used to make keri no sambharo aka raw 
mango salad with onions and syrup from Sweet Mango pickle. It was like a custom to make the salad till raw mangoes were available. 

Thursday 13 March 2014

How to Perfect Hot Chocolate

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 2 Day : 3
Theme : How to Cook the perfect Series : How to Make Perfect Hot Chocolate
Course : Drinks & Beverages

Hot Chocolate also known as hot cocoa it is heated beverage. It was first invented in Mexico and later became popular in Europe and now it is the most favorite hot beverage after Tea and Coffee. There are many version available, is typically made from shavings of Chocolate, Milk, cream, melted chocolate, the other version which is popular is made from Cocoa powder which is known as drinking chocolate.

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Cucumber Sandwiches

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 2 Day : 2
Theme : How to Cook the perfect Series : How to Make Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches
Course : Appetizer 

Cucumber sandwiches are the traditional dainty sandwiches of English Tea party and also my favorite ones too. I first had at my Taayi's place aka Mota mummy's place, my elder cousin sister used to make these for us. I was first hesitant to post this recipe under the Theme How to Cook Perfect for our Blogging Marathon # 38, later thought why not it is a perfect welcome post for the Coming Summer season as it involves no cooking and also refreshing as cucumbers and mint both are considered refreshing food in summers.

Monday 10 March 2014

Vegetable Stock - How to make

Vegetable stock is a great way of using trimming of vegetables or the vegetables which are lying unused in fridge. Homemade stock always taste better than canned or store bought. It is most easiest stock to be prepared, unless like chicken or fish or beef stock you have boil the bones for hours and then you get stock, remove the scum in between to avoid any colourization of stock whereas in Vegetable stock you have to cook vegetables in water for max 30 mins and the flavours and nutrients are infused well in the water and what you get is tasty and blissfully yummy stock.

Peas Soup - How to Cook Perfect Series

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 2 Day : 1
Theme : How to Cook the perfect Series : How to cook Perfect Peas Soup
Course : Appetizer 

Peas soup has been eaten since antiquity, this soup is known as English Peas soup, in France it is know as Potage Saint - Germain, a name that comes from suburb of Paris where peas used to be cultivated.

Peas soup is healthy and easy to cook, mouth watering. There are so many variations of Peas soup, but the classic one is combination of Peas, shallot and bacon. I was planning to post this recipe since I strated blogging but some how could not post. First time I watched this recipe on Asian Variety show broadcast on and Sony when I was Nigeria, Peas and Mint Soup sounded so scrumptious that I cooked so many times, but could not post.

After two months break from Srivalli's Blogging Marathon, this is my first event that am participating and very thrilled to read Peas soup as a part of - How to Cook Perfect series that runs in Guardian newspaper, where Felicity Cloake cooks a selection of tried and trusted popular recipes in search of perfect recipes. 

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Milk - Cake

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 1 Day : 3
Theme : One dish, Different Country - Cakes from Around the World - Milk Cake
Course : Dessert

Milk cake is a rich cake made from Milk. Is mouth watering sweet specially made during Festival seasons, the Milk cake is most commonly confused with Kalakand, but Kalakand has a tone of golden brown colour to white just like Mysore pak has and milk cake are usually white or light cream in colour. This cake is very rich and healthy as it made from whole milk. This recipe is very easy to make as you need only very few ingredients and the end result is yummy and delicious sweet. The recipe is time consuming but as they say "Sabra ka phal Methi hota hai" so is the sweet.

Tuesday 4 March 2014

Eggless Italian Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake - Torta Gianduia

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 1 Day : 2
Theme : One dish, Different Country - Cakes from Around the World - Torta Gianduia
Course : Dessert

When this months Blogging Marathon Challenge I chose One dish different countries as my theme for this week. There are so many dishes around the world which are resemble and am going to post on the most famous cake dessert which are specially prepared during festivals such as Swiss cake for Christmas, Torta Gianduia made specially during Carnival festival.

Gianduia is a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut, invented in Turin by Caffarel in 1852. It takes its name from marionette character which represents Piedmont, the Italian region where Gianduia chocolate was invented. Traditionally Gianduia cake preparation is very elaborate and the traditional recipe uses no flour at all, but only bitter chocolate, sugar, butter, water, and heavy cream.  This version is eggless, and so does include flour.  It tastes just as good, though!

Monday 3 March 2014

Eggless Strawberry Swiss Roll Cake - Biskuitroulade

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 1 Day : 1
Theme : One dish, Different Country - Cakes from Around the World - British Rolled cake
Course : Dessert

While there have been many arguments as to the origin of the Swiss roll, it probably originated in Central Europe rather than in Switzerland.  The term Swiss roll to described a filled roll cake probably originated in Britain in the late 1880's, and is now popular usage all over the world.  The classic Swiss roll is a roll cake with a whipped cream filling, though jelly fillings and chocolate fillings are also very popular.

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