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A warm Welcome to our kitchen.
Thanks for dropping by... I am very glad that you have taken time to visit my blog and go through the recipes and information shared in. Partha's Rhapsody is all about sharing my experience's, vegetarian and healthy recipes, tips, tricks and techniques that will help for everyday cooking and for easy entertainment, party organizing.
About Briju 
I am Briju, I am a foodie and I like to cook and try new recipes.  Its been a journey of trial and error before I could actually learn cooking. Born Gujarati and married to lovely person hailing from Chennai, now living in Nigeria. My passion for cooking has started right from my school days a tender age of 11 and it is one art that is deeply instilled in me. The first recipe which I cooked was Vaghareli Khichdi/ Masala Khichdi and Meth na gota under mom's supervision… and from there I started cooking and sometimes helping my mother in cooking. as I have done my graduation in home science, I got exposure to various cooking techniques and knowledge about nutritional part too. Whatever I know about cooking, baking and confectionery is thanks to my mom, grandma, training in food science, nutrition & dietetics as well as the cooking classes we would have every week. Also, I like experimenting with foods, herbs, flavours and combination of various cooking techniques. I should mention here that all experiments are not successful had few disasters but don't you worry guys, I have posted only the successful versions and there are all tried tested and certified as good dishes by my biggest critic my hubby and family friend.
After my marriage left my full time HR job and started working as Freelance HR Professional and two year later have started to blog, not because i wanted to, but due to a lot of insistence from my family, friends, and Malika Aunty gave me an idea to pen down my recipes and this blog was born.
About my recipes
Earlier I just wanted to document the collection of recipes passed from my family, friends, few of my favorite recipes from cookbooks, TV shows or published recipes but later thought to post various recipes from different regions of india, different countries.
Intention of this blog is to share the good recipes, make it easy for vegetarian cooks to browse varied range of recipes from corners of the world that I came across and help you to try at home and enjoy. Majority recipes are explained in detail with accompanying picture. Please try these recipes and share your valuable comments, suggestion, ideas. All the recipes posted are tested in my kitchen and try to give precise measurements. However you can modified some ingredients as per your choice. One piece of advice please stick to the measurements for bakery or cakes as even a small difference in these can change the outcome of the baked products.
Comments are an integral part of a blog and probably the only way for me to connect with the readers and know about their wants and feelings. The readers are the best critique, as well as the inspiration for me continue posting. If you are spending your time reading through the blog, please take some time to leave a comment. I might not always make time to respond to every individual comment, but I do try my best to answer any questions if I need to. Please understand that I might not be able to  reply immediately. I do read and appreciate each and every comment. However any comments which are meant to be spam and for inappropriate advertisements will be promptly deleted.
If you need to use any material or photographs from this blog, please be courteous enough to contact us. We spend a lot of time and passion to create this space. All content on this blog, including the photography and written text, are our work, which means it is copyrighted with All Rights Reserved. No work from this blog may be used for republishing and for commercial purposes without our permission.
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