Tuesday 24 February 2015

Kothimbir Vadi

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 4 Day : 1
Theme : Bookmarked Recipes
Course : Starters n Snacks

For this week's theme am making Kothimbir Vadi is very popular Maharashtra snack and fritter recipe. It is prepared in various forms and ways. I like the steamed version as it is more healthier than the traditional preparation which is deep fried. Both taste equally good. As this week theme was bookmarked recipes I have a huge list of recipes which I want to try but somehow not able to make. Blogging Marathon is such a platform which gives opportunities to explore and try thing or do things which we always think off. My recipe is sourced from Tarla Dalal ji's recipe which is doabetic friendly and also for those who are calorie conscious.

Thursday 19 February 2015

Grisinni - Itlalian Soft Bread Sticks

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 3 Day : 1
Theme : Accompaniments in Restaurant 
Course : Accompaniments

This week theme is based on the accompaniments served in restaurant. Accompaniments are those dishes that are basically on the house served as complimentary to the dinner or particular dish ir even as welcome dish in restaurants which are not charged.

Friday 13 February 2015

Strawberry Rice Pudding - Strawberry Kheer

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 2 Day : 3
Theme : Desserts in different form
Course : Dessert

Today is the last day for the Dessert theme and am making Strawberry Rice pudding. I love this pudding as it is healthy, good for diabetics and strawberries helps to keep bloodsugar level low and also can satisfy their craving.

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Churros Con Chocolate

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 2 Day : 2
Theme : Desserts in different form
Course : Dessert

Churros is fried dough pastry or you can call them as Spanish doughnut. I came across this recipe while watching Serious Eats on Fox traveller show. My husband used to always say that I should try this particular sweet as it is not as sweet as other desserts are and I would love making them.

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Kesar Badam Kulfi / Qulfi

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 2 Day : 1
Theme : Desserts in different form
Course : Dessert

Kulfi / Qulfi is popular frozen dessert of India. It is also referred as "Traditional Indian Ice cream" very popular in India, Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Nepal and Middle east. Now adays you get kulfi in United States, Europe and Australia in Indian Restaurants.

Thursday 5 February 2015

Rajma Parantha

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 1 Day : 3
Theme : Indian Bread Basket
Course : Breakfast , Brunch

Today is Rajma day in my house. So thought why not start the day with nutritious and fulfilling breakfast with Rajma. This recipe is made with simple ingredients yet a star in itself. Again this is one of the recipes I learnt from Sindhi family friend. I like ti so much that try to make it now and then. As it is very nutritious and also very good for diabetic people as it is made from complex carbohydrate and helps to maintain the sugar level. It does not spike sugar level as normal roti does.

It is great for kids who are fuzzy about food and can be given as lunch they would love this if you give them with some cheese sauce.

Wednesday 4 February 2015

Koki - Loli Sindhi Onion Parantha

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 1 Day : 2
Theme : Indian Bread Basket
Course : Breakfast , Brunch

Koki or Loli is made from wheat flour, onion and coriander. It is filling breakfast item which every sindhis love a lot. I learnt it from Astrani Aunty who was known for her cooking. She makes this every Loli every sunday with moong dal. It is simple yet yummy parantha which goes well with Dals, Curries, Pickles, Curd, Butter or even just without anything. It is good as travel food or as picnic food as it stays fresh for 2 days if made bit crispy without any refrigeration. 

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Dangela - Savory Pancake

Blogging Marathon # 49 , Week 1 Day : 1
Theme : Indian Bread Basket
Course : Breakfast , Brunch / Light Dinner

Dangela is quicker version of Handvo. Dangela is made from Handvo flour or batter. Handvo flour or batter is made from rice, lentils such as toor dal, channa dal, udad dal and coarse wheat flour. The proportion of Handvo varies from house to house my mom always used to make it with kesari rava, this gave a crunch to the recipe.

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