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Sargva na Thepla - Drumstick Leaves Thepla

In today's date we mom's are most worried about our children's health and growth as the diet have changed over years and addition of more and more artificial supplements are introduced from very early age. The age old traditions and Dadi Ama ke nuske is forgotten in the present world. Our kids have become fussy eaters, they need to be fed by disguising nutrient rich vegetables and food or preparing dishes in such a way that they dont know what is in the dish. I accept this has helped us to learn and adapt new cooking skills but how many mothers can do that. Srivalli has started a beautiful drive by creating Blogging Marathon which helps so many mothers out there to cook and feed their children with dishes loaded with nutrition and also help them to learn new ways of cooking.
One such dish is Sargva na Thepla i.e. Drumstick leaves Thepla this was my favorite dish when i was kid, it was like a custom to make this atleast every fornight and once we reached pubirtal age she used to make it more often especially as is richest source of Iron, Vitamin A.
I used to make this for my niece who hates to eat any sort of greens in form of curry or vegetable so the only way to make her eat was making parantha or cheela. Thepla was her favourite as it was no fuse lunch box and would eat it Chundo i.e. Aam ka murabba so i was happy that i was able to feed her and she was happy that she could eat it with chundo which is her favourite so it was win - win situation for both of us.

Preparation time : 20 mins
Cooking time : 10 mins
Yeilds : 24 5" Thepla

Ingredients : 
1 cup loosely packed drumstick leaves 
6 -7 green chillies
2" ginger
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 tsp haldi powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp ajwain / carom seeds
1 tbsp oil + 1 tsp
ghee for smearing thepla
1/2 cup curd
water if required

Other things required : 
griddle / tawa
rolling pin and board
big vessel to bind dough

Method : 

  • Pluck leaves and wash them thoroughly twice and roughly chop them.
  • Make a paste of green chillies and ginger.
  • In a wide bowl take atta add in dry ingredients, chopped leaves, ginger chillie paste,1 tbsp oil and bind with curd.

  • Bind a semi soft dough if required use little water, cover and allow it to rest for 10 mins.  
  • Roll out into 5 " diameter disc using whole wheat flour for rolling.    

  • Heat griddle cook the thepla on one side till you see bubbles.

  • Turn the thepla and cook for 1 min, add little ghee and cook thepla till you see golden spots.

  • Serve hot with chindoo / dhaniya chutney or yogurt.
Notes : 
  • Always wash leaves before chopping.
  • Rub the leaves well in flour, add curd little by little or else you will end up with very soft dough.
  • Do not try to chop leaves very fine as the thepla may turn bitter.
  • Heat tawa on medium flame and dust of the extra flour before putting thepla on pan or else you will end up with hard thepla.

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Here are some nutritional facts of Drumstick leaves :

Drumstick leaves, raw

Select serving size: 
Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 21 g
Amount Per Serving
Calories 13
% Daily Value
Total Fat 0.3g 0 %
   Saturated Fat g N/A
Cholesterol 0mg 0 %
Sodium 1.9mg 0 %
Total Carbohydrate 1.7g 1 %
   Dietary Fiber 0.4g 2 %
Protein 2g 4 %
Vitamin A 2 % Vitamin C 18 %
Calcium 4 % Iron 5 %
Daily values are based on 2000 calorie diet.

Drumstick leaves, raw, calories by source 

Drumstick leaves, raw, percentiles

Out of all green leafy vegetables available, drumstick leaves (Moringa Oleifera)
contains 23791.91mcg total carotene and highest β-carotene content 16165.33 mcg/ 100gm FW and can be a suitable protocol for dietary diversification/improve
ment strategy especially to eradicate vitamin A deficiency.

Apart from β-carotene content they are also a good source of ascorbic acid, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and has low levels of oxalates. They are a rich source of protective nutrients essential for healthy vision, bones, blood and skin. The are also rich in various polyphenols, which act as antioxidants and are recommended for protecting against CVDs.

Some medicinal value of Drumsstick (Moringa Oelifera)

The leaves are used to treat many ailments such as the wheezing of asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. A soup mixture is made by boiling water with a handful of leaves for five minutes and let cool for five minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste.
The leaves, pods, and seeds can be used in treating infections of the throat, chest, and skin. Mix the leaves, pods, and seeds into boiling water for five minutes and then let cool. Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste.
A teaspoon of drumstick-leaf juice mixed with honey and coconut water will help to prevent digestive problems such as diarrhea, dysentery, colitis, jaundice, and cholera. It is also good in treating urinary disorders such as excessive urination. Fresh drumstick-leaf juice can be mixed with lime juice to help prevent acne, pimples, and blackheads.


  1. A healthy and inviting Thepla..looks yummy.

  2. Iron rich theplas, they are just prefect and my kind of food.

  3. Very healthy and yummy Theplas ! Good one...

  4. Very innovative and healthy. Love the usage of drumstick leaves!

  5. very very healthy and delicious theplas dear, thank you so much for linking it to the CWS event. waiting for more delicious and lovely entries dear...

  6. Very healthy and delicious theplas.

  7. looks so colorful - will have to try with spinach as we dont get drumstick leaves here

    1. Hi Mireille, you can try out with kale, water cress or any green's. Thepla's is one of the dish that can be prepared with any available green's. It will taste delicious and yes use very less of liquid when trying to make with other greens as they tend to loose water while binding and dont use water or curd if using water cress as it will become soggy.



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