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EgglessChocolate Nankhattai

Blogging Marathon # 38 , Week 4 Day : 1
Theme : Chocolate
Course : Breakfast / Snacks

Eggless Chocolate Nankhattai are rich, buttery, highly indulging and sinfully chocolatty nankhattai aka Cookies with delicate flavour of rich cocoa and chocolate chips.

I have used dark chocolate cookies due to its health benefits and also it has low sugar content especially it is need of the hour as in our modern lifestyle we mothers rely in the packed foods and dont know how much sugar and what sugar is going in our stomach. It is a humble try to give our kids a healthy option of the same cookie by modifying the recipe.

You might say that then why am using butter, the answer is if you are using the butter it helps your children's as it is high in Vitamin A, Calcium which is required for their Brain in these days. That's the reason I thought to post this recipe of Chocolate Nankhatai recipe for Srivalli's Blogging Marathon, and her Event : Kids Delight - Chocolate hosted by Gayatri.

So lets make the Chocolate Nankhatai

Preparation time : 15 mins
Cooking time: 20 - 30 mins
Yields : 18 cookies/ Nankhattai
Difficulty level : Easy

1 cup of maida/ all purpose flour
1/4 cup sugar substitute Splenda/ 8 sachet of Stevia (For diabetic recipe)
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup / 100 gms salted butter at room temperature
1/8 cup unsweetened cocoa powder (Hershey's if possible or Dutch Cocoa)
1/4 cup choco chips
1/2 tsp baking powder
milk if required

For Topping:
2 tbsp sugar to sprinkle on top
chocolate chip

  • Bring butter to room temperature.
  • Sieve maida, cocoa powder and baking powder and keep aside.
  • Beat butter and sugar substitute till light and fluffy.
  • Mix in flour and rub till it resembles sand like texture.
  • Add in milk and mix the dough till it comes together
  • Add in choco chips and mix well.
  • Scoop a tbsp of dough and shape into smooth ball, flatten and keep on baking tray lined with baking paper
  • Press choco chips on top and sprinkle sugar.
  • Bake it in preheated oven at 160 c for 10 -15 mins.
  • Bake till firm around edges but still soft from centre.
  • Let it cool in pan for 5 mins and then transfer them to cooling rack to cool completely.
  •  Store in airtight container

  • I have used sugar substitute so that juvenile diabetics children can enjoy.
  • You can add sugar in place of sugar substitute
  • The cookie shall be very soft so don't try to bake till firm or else you might end up with burnt cookie.
  • Can also use margarine instead of butter.

Health Benefits Of Butter
  • Rich in vitamin A, butter is necessary for thyroid, adrenal health and good eye vision.
  • It contains lauric acid that is essential for treating fungal infections and candida.
  • The fat contains lecithin, which is important for cholesterol metabolism.
  • Butter protects the body against free radical damage and weakening of arteries, as it contains anti-oxidants.
  • It contains conjugated lenoleic acid that serves as a potent anti-cancer agent, muscle builder and immunity booster.
  • The fat promotes fertility in women and also offers protection against tooth decay.
  • The only source of an anti-stiffness factor, butter protects the calcification of the joints and pineal gland, prevents hardening of arteries and cataract.
  • The fat enables body to absorb minerals, as it is a source of Activator X.
  • It contains cholesterol that is significant for children’s brain and nervous system development.
  • Butter protects toddlers and elderly people from gastrointestinal infections.
  • It is a source of Vitamin K2, which is important for treating arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth decay, tuberculosis, emphysema and asthma.
  • The fat helps in keeping skin smooth and healthy.
  • Butter provides padding to protect vital organs and the skeleton against bumps and falls.
  • It insulates the body from temperature variations. 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Please take a minute to share your views and valuable comments. 
Briju Parthasarathy


  1. Those cookies look very inviting..

  2. Those cookie look delicious. Interesting reading your fact list on butter.

  3. Scrumptious nankhattais, who can resist to this beautiful cookies.

  4. our desi ghee/butter has more nutritional benefits than the other processed fats! chocolate nankhatai's looks very inviting, definitely a kid pleaser recipe!

  5. Chocolate nankhatai's look soo delicious


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