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Cucumber Sandwiches

Blogging Marathon # 38 Week 2 Day : 2
Theme : How to Cook the perfect Series : How to Make Perfect Cucumber Sandwiches
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Cucumber sandwiches are the traditional dainty sandwiches of English Tea party and also my favorite ones too. I first had at my Taayi's place aka Mota mummy's place, my elder cousin sister used to make these for us. I was first hesitant to post this recipe under the Theme How to Cook Perfect for our Blogging Marathon # 38, later thought why not it is a perfect welcome post for the Coming Summer season as it involves no cooking and also refreshing as cucumbers and mint both are considered refreshing food in summers.

These sandwiches can be made ahead and kept in fridge or room temperature without getting soggy by drying seasoned cucumber slices between sheets of kitchen towel. They are ideal for Kitty Parties, Baby shower, Get together parties, Luncheon party, Kids Lunch Box or for Picnics or when you are travelling just wrap them and relish on the way.

It is so easy that even your kids can make these dainty sandwiches. One can do variations with simple cucumber sandwich to let your imagination go wild. Have added a dash of chilli vinegar and mint to my sandwich as I want a little kick and pep in my food. If making for kids can add little cheese and tomato ketchup to the butter and make your own spread for the sandwich.

Preparation time : 20 mins
Cooking time : Nil
Ideal time : 15 mins
Serves : 2 (Makes 6)
Difficulty level : Easy to Hard

Ingredients :
6 slices of white bread (Can use whole wheat bread or any bread of your choice)
1 small cucumber
3 tbsp white butter / salted butter
Salt to taste
White pepper to taste
1/4 tsp Chilli vinegar
1 tbsp Mint finely chopped

Other things required:
Kitchen towel
Slicer or Mandolines 
Colander or sieve

  • Wash and peel cucumbers.
  • Slice the cucumbers into thin slices, put them in a colander / sieve. Sprinkle salt lightly and leave for 20 minutes.
  • If the cucumbers are over salted rinse them cold water.
  • Keep kitchen towel papers over towel and place the slices on them, pat dry with paper so that it is completely dry.
  • In a bowl mix butter, chopped mint and Vinegar.
  • Butter each slice generously with butter, arrange the cucumber slices overlapping each other. Crush white pepper on top.
  • Place the other slice and trim of the edges / crust.
  • Press down firmly and cut into fingers, squares, triangles.
  • Serve with tea or lemonade or any drink of your choice.

  • Properly drain the cucumber other wise the sandwich would turn soggy.
  • Wash the cucumber if you have over salted.
  • Can use any other seasoning of your choice.
  • Can add slices of tomatoes, cheese slice.

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Briju Parthasarathy


  1. wow love the arrangement of cucumber :) looks very delicious and my fav too :)

  2. Thats a simple,filing and delicious sandwich..Prefect for evening snack.

  3. Lovely sandwiches.. Healthy & yummy bite.

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  5. Delicious sandwich and love the color

  6. Healthy sandwich....... Tempting filling!!

  7. Such a yummy looking sandwich.

  8. Thats a beautiful layer of green on the bread :) Love it

  9. Cucumber Sandwiches are always a welcome, and getting them perfect is very good..

  10. My all time favorite sandwich. Looks great.

  11. Such a quick to make sandwiches! My son would love this for school. This is something I have in mind as well to make for this series!

  12. very easy and quick snack to prepare...

  13. Interesting version of cucumber sandwiches!

  14. chili vinegar is such a great twist

  15. I love cucumber sandwiches. Remember me to my schooltime in England. Your version with chili vinegar and mint is exciting.

    1. Thanks, yes adding chilli vinegar adds new dimension to the taste of cucumber sandwich


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