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Thattai is very famous snack in Tamilnadu. It is prepared during special occasion and festivals specially for Sri Jayanthi or Krishnashtami, but it is made round the year at my house. There are so many versions or varieties of Thattai. Thattai preparation differ's from state to state or from one part to the other. I remember our aaya Rani used to make this every month for us she used to call it as Udupi, we asked her why so she said this is what her mother taught her. Her version is very different from what they make in Tamilnadu, she used to add thin sliced onion and homemade fresh butter instead of ghee and no gram flour was added, they tasted yummy, my friend Smitha's  Mom used to make lovely thattai. She used to boil water and add everything in the boiling water, mix well add 1 tbsp of oil and allow to cool before making thattai. The end result of any Thattai is crispy yummy snack.

Today i am going to show you the recipe of my MIL which is passed on by my hubby to me. And he certifies that mine are very close to Amma's. Whenever i make Thattai he feels happy as it was one Amma's best recipes and i feel it is my tribute to her.

Preparation : 20 mins
Soaking time : 2 hrs
Cooking time : 30 mins
Makes : 30 3" in diameter

Ingredients : 
2 cups rice flour
1/4 cup udad dal flour (roasted)
1 tbsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp sesame seed/ til
1/4 cup ghee
1/4 cup channa dal soaked for 2 hrs
salt to taste
1/8 tsp hing
3 tbsp chopped curry leaves
1 tbsp crushed pepper
1 cup warm water
Oil for frying
tortilla / chappati press (Optional)
1 flat spoon or cup

Method : 
  1. If you are using store bought flour, dry roast them without changing colour.
  2. Mix all ingredients apart from water in a bowl and mix well. It is very important to coat flour well with ghee. Should get texture like sand.
  3. Add Luke warm water little by little, you should make tight chappati (Bhakri) dough. Not to hard as hard dough will have cracked borders.
  4. Take berry sized dough to form a ball and place them on plastic sheet and press the tortilla press. OR can flatten it by using flat spoon or cup or plate. You can also flatten by using your finger. The rolled thattai should not be too thick nor too thin.
  5. Heat oil in pan, when hold turn the thattai on your palm and gently slide in hot oil.
  6. Fry for a min and the turn them.
  7. When they are golden in colour and the bubbles subsides.
  8. Take then out of oil and place on kitchen paper to drain excess oil.
  9. Once cooled store then in air tight container.
  10. They stays fresh for 15 days, it hardly stays 3 or 4 days in my house.
  11. Enjoy these with hot piping tea or coffee. 
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